My name is Calliope Theochari and I'm a graphic & digital designer from Athens, Greece, who is experienced in the fields of visual communication.

I'm marked by the "." full stop which I use every time I type as well as my addiction to instagram. I like travelling to Paris and the Cyclades and I can't resist white labrador puppies. I always have in my bag my sketchbook, my mp3 and my lip balm. My interests also involve illustration, photography, painting and reading.

I support the combination of creativity and aesthetic purity in every area of the project till the final design (print or digital application). Creativity is the first step for a minimal design - free from complexity -, but preparation and planning is the key to a successful result.

Through my work, I try to inspire people by making them feel safe and satisfied with the result. What matters to me in the end, is creating a design that sparks emotion, hopefully joy.

PS: You can learn more about me here (scroll scroll scroll down plz) myfreshlemonade.etsy.com

Wish you a wonderful day :)